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Adam Stewart

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Adam Stewart
by Adam Stewart

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Disc One 01. Intro > Caught Up in Your Love* 02. Catch-22 03. Just to Hold You 04. Steal My Kisses% 05. Field of Glass 06. Sureshot 07. Come Back to me Tonight& Disc Two 01. Blister in the Sun! 02. Guy for the Night 03. You're My Girl# 04. Today is Real 05. Best Deceptions@ 06. Goodbye Song 07. Emily Amazes Me 1. Intro > Caught Up in Your Love 1. Intro > Caught Up in Your Love 2. Catch-22 2. Catch-22 3. Just to Hold You 3. Just to Hold You 4. Steal My Kisses 4. Steal My Kisses 5....
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